Weddings & Funerals


First Presbyterian Church of South Bend’s facilities are available for a marriage service, as a service of Christian worship under the direction of its minister and supervision of its session.

For more details in regards to availability and facilities available for the wedding parties, please contact the Church Office.


Funerals, a service of witness to the resurrection, reflects our fundamental belief that, in Christ, death has been conquered and the promise of eternal life is affirmed.

When death occurs, the pastor and the church office should be notified immediately so that they may provide appropriate consolation and support for the family as well as assist in arrangements for the funeral.

The service, as a witness to the resurrection, is traditionally held in the sanctuary or chapel as a time when the congregation may also be present.

The service of witness to the resurrection is one which worships God, gives thanks for the life of the deceased, and affirms the promises of eternal life we have in Jesus Christ. Thus, the service is one of affirmation and positive spirit. The officiating pastor will meet with the family to plan the service, choosing music and scripture and will give the final approval to the order and contents of the worship service.